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The birth of Happy Chou: Workshops…. why?


Sharing… sharing and sharing. The word that keeps repeating itself and that brought Happy Chou to life.

As our daughter grew month to month, we wanted to share more and more special moments with her. But the more time passed the more we realized that the activities offered in the area were limited.

We live in a beautiful area and we are fortunate enough to have the sea and the mountain nearby, but apart from the outdoor parks, there are very few activities which appeal to children under 3 years. This is also related to the attention span of children this age, but fortunately, this does not prevent the parents from having the desire to share time with their children by participating in workshops, which are enriching activities that are educational, fun and/or creative.

To allow you to spend a special moment with your child, we organise children workshops, every first Wednesday of the month at Infancia – Beausoleil, these workshops are organised in groups and by age. These activities must be carried out in the presence of a parent, because they are meant to be shared. The idea is to create a special moment where we devote ourselves fully to our child in the hope of creating beautiful memories, and taking home a souvenir, a unique creation made by our little partner. As with our small designers, who do everything with their hands, we learn to use our creativity once again, without using new technologies, unless it´s to take few pictures.

Having had the chance to take a baby massage course with my daughter, which we loved. I made the decision to train with l’IAIM (Intenational Association of Infant Massage) in order to become a certified baby massage instructor «CIMI». I followed my international training in Switzerland, and have since completed an internship certification period involving 6 families over 5 weeks, I also studied litterature on child development from 0 to 12 months. I wish to make a small contribution in offering families some relaxing and gratifying moments. These techniques have a real impact on the parent-child bond and allow to reduce physical and emotional tension. The famous anthropologist Ashley Montagu wrote: “human beings cannot survive without touch, it is a fundamental behavioural need “. I invite you to visit the IAIM website in order to learn more on this subject. I’ll soon write an article on the blog, fully dedicated to baby massage and its benefits.

All Happy Chou activities can be carried out one-to-one at your home. That being said, the Baby Massage workshop can be done individually, however, a group workshop allows parents to discuss together which is generally greatly appreciated. You can find the activity agenda in the workshops tab on the website. The list of activities on  the website is not set in stone and I can adapt, according to your needs and desires. If you have a clear idea of what you want to do, do not hesitate in letting me know. For information on «at home» prices please click here. You can also contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or special requests on:

Please do not hesitate in signing up for the Happy Chou newsletter to receive updates and information.

Now you know a little more about Happy Chou and the reasons that led me to create this small business. If you live on the Côte d’Azur, I hope to meet you soon and wherever you are do not hesitate to contact me via social networks, I will be happy to answer your questions and share some time with you!

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The birth of Happy Chou: the at home children´ store

Why at home sales?

I really want to tell you a little more about what led me to create Happy Chou and its various activities. The at home children’ store project started after the birth of my daughter, in early 2016. It is not a project that came out of the blue of course, this is an idea that I pondered over the months and have since seen evolve, by overcoming some of the obstacles that come with motherhood, talking with other parents, and also maturing, and in finding that the shoe doesn´t always fit. I wanted to share my experiences and my discoveries with others.

A little story about the first steps that led to the creation of Happy Chou. After the birth of my daughter, I decided to devote myself entirely to her, so I resigned from my job in marketing and communications. I wasn’t ready to leave this little being who was so dependent on me, it was the perfect opportunity to make the decision that would best suit us. So I invested myself 100% in my role as a young mother, not often knowing what to expect and learning day byday but conscious I was lucky to stay with her.

I met many mothers during the first months, during wrap baby carrier courses, at baby massages, during the childbirth preparation course or at the breastfeeding support group, and I often reached the same conclusion: Mothers like to spend time with other mothers. It reassures them, comforts them and it creates a social link, which I think is very important during maternity leave, or when you are a full-time mother.

Then, month after month, some mothers had to return to work, to the frantic pace of everyday life, preparing the children in the morning – getting them to day-care and themselves to work – the on-the-go lunches – picking up the children at the end of the working day – preparing dinner – bathing – and trying not to forget to breathe through all of this… and I realized that mothers no longer want to spend their weekends, shopping.  Shopping can become an excruciating task when you are accompanied by a child who has a steady routine, forcing you to work around naps and feeding, and who has no desire or patience to stay in a store. I, myself experienced this situation. Shopping on the internet is one of the solutions. But how can you be sure of the quality, the cut and size when everything is virtual?

As a matter of fact, I have spent a lot of time in this virtual world during these last two years, particularly on Instagram, and I met some phenomenal people. I have met up with other mothers and fathers, most encounters have been interesting, but I have also met some creative, crazy talented designers. Today, I am surrounded by 14 designers who make their own creations by hand, or design their products from A to Z and have them produced in Europe utilising high quality fabrics. Unfortunately, I haven´t had the chance to meet them all personally, but that’s the magic of the internet, being able to share and collaborate with people from all over France and the world. I wanted to offer these designers a physical display, supported by an e-commerce platform, to showcase and share their products, which is a central element of this at home sales concept, I wanted and still want, to make parents lives easier. Offering parents online shopping to facilitate their purchases but especially, and more importantly, bringing the products to them thus allowing them to see, touch and even try the items.

I wanted to grow my small business by sharing and meeting others.